Special Offer!!

500ml Limited Edition Flavours- Yellowman Honeycomb and Chocolate and Salted Caramel. For deliveries in December-January 2023. Trade Enquiries Welcome. Contact Will/Emma immediately while stock last. Will: 07802207838 Emma: 07796392170

A very happy new year too all our Glastry Farm Fan’s

Here at Glastry Farm we are rolling in the new year with a positive “can do” attitude and that’s why we are able to continue to offer our award-winning bespoke creations off ice cream & vegan sorbet to businesses across the entire island of Ireland directly from our little farm right in the centre of … Continued

One off the Best “Dairy Free Alternatives” in Ireland

Did you know that we at Glastry Farm Ice Cream produce some off the very finest Dairy Free alternatives on our little farm in the peaceful town-land of Glastry? The unquestionable Irony within this fact is only matched by the quality off the product we have on offer. Yes, that’s right 300 Friesian Dairy cattle … Continued

New Supply Deal with Henderson’s Wholesale is a “Game Changer”

Glastry Farm Ice Cream is to supply its luxury ice cream and low fat and vegan sorbets to Eurospar stores in Northern Ireland in a significant deal with Henderson Goup for the farm-based producer. Based on the family farm of Will Taylor, the founder and managing director of the multi-award winning dairy ice cream and sorbet … Continued

National Trust Park’s Success

We at Glastry Farm Ice cream are so very delighted to announce our continued growth in some off Northern Ireland’s most idyllic National Trust Park’s. We have had the pleasure off supplying a number off National trust park’s for many year’s due to the fact we are fully accredited as a safe supplier through SALSA … Continued