Christmas Pudding

Limited edition Our Vanilla base is the perfect vehicle for this festive ice-cream which is bejewelled with a very special Christmas pudding. You can only get it in November and December, but that’s ok. Christmas comes but once a year!

Cafe Mocha

Sizes: 5l We wanted to do a coffee-flavoured ice-cream for ages and teaming up with SD Bells from Belfast seemed like the perfect fit. Together we have been in business for more than 300 years. Their superior coffee is multi-award winning. We have added a chocolate drizzle throughout. This original, artisan product is a delicious indulgence … Continued

Lemon Meringue

Sizes: 5l, 500ml New in 2018, this is a deconstructed version of that retro dessert Lemon Meringue Pie. The only thing we left out was the pastry. There is zesty lemon ice-cream drizzled with Alice McIhagger’s dreamy lemon and lime curd and shards of crunchy meringue. Why not put it in bought pastry cases for … Continued

Chocolate & Mallow

Sizes: 5l Chocolate connoisseurs will recognise the name Callebaut. It is one of the best quality chocolates in the world, perfectly suited for catering. We add the buttons to our dairy base and then shower the ice-cream with pink and white mini marshmallows to make a children’s favourite.

Strawberry Stracciatella

Sizes: 5l A more grown-up version of our classic Strawberry Blonde, this Italian-inspired flavour was born out of a soup recipe in Bergamo in 1962. The ice-cream version must have shreds and drizzles of chocolate which give it its name. Ours is the best quality-dark chocolate and we follow the Italian instructions to the letter. … Continued


Sizes: 5l This is another recent addition to the Glastry Farm family which has been greeted with major enthusiasm. Again, we were asked for it by chefs and did our magic coming up with the perfect recipe. It tastes just like the inside of a Bounty bar. This ice cream is made like our other ice … Continued

White Chocolate & Wild Blackberry

Sizes: 5l, 500ml So many chefs asked us for a white chocolate ice-cream but we wanted to give it some extra zing. We use top quality white chocolate buttons and add drizzles of wild blackberry puree to the mix. It’s like wandering down a country lane towards the Gingerbread House.

Hint of Mint

Sizes: 5l We bet you are thinking just Mint and Chocolate here, but no. This is a base of Armagh Bramley apple ice-cream with mint-chocolate drizzled throughout. Doubtful? You shouldn’t be. Try it and you will see that the tart apple ice-cream paired with the almost menthol chocolate really works.  

Chocolate & Salted Caramel

Sizes: 5l, 500ml Our Chocolate Heaven ice-cream is teamed with arguably the flavour sensation of the past decade. Salted Caramel is MASSIVE. Ours is the real deal, made on an Aga by Alice McIlhagger of Brambleberry Jams. We put as much of it in as we can without letting the salt destabilise the ice-cream. One … Continued

St Brendan’s Irish Cream

Sizes: 5l This is one of our newer flavours which is going down a treat with customers across Ireland. Niche Drinks in Derry-Londonderry make this creamy whiskey-based liqueur which we knew would go brilliantly with a Vanilla base. Our expertise in working with alcohol means it tastes smooth and well-rounded with a pleasant kick.