Coronavirus (Covid-19) Policy

The unprecedented global changes on the retail industry throughout the last few weeks have tested supply chains and the many businesses that are usually within those sometimes complex structures. Apart from working with our local suppliers and retailers to reassure them that we are still in full operation and can fulfil demand, we would like to inform our loyal customer base across Ireland that through best practice and additional Personal Protective Equipment we have the ability to supply at the highest possible standard.

We have benefited from having one of the shortest supply chains in Ireland in the past and are continuing to benefit from using our local community for the things and services we need on a daily basis. We will be helping our community with the allocation of resources for the people that need it most over the next few weeks and months with our local retailers & stockists, and we ask anyone in need of such services to please contact ourselves through any medium(s) so that we can minimise the affect’s on the people which are most affected by these difficult times.

Covid-19 Policy