National Trust Park’s Success

We at Glastry Farm Ice cream are so very delighted to announce our continued growth in some off Northern Ireland’s most idyllic National Trust Park’s.

We have had the pleasure off supplying a number off National trust park’s for many year’s due to the fact we are fully accredited as a safe supplier through SALSA and other accreditation bodies. In recent month’s due to the increased importance on out door “safe activities” which are nearer home we have experienced significant growth with the addition off a number off new National trust park’s such as Castle Ward Tea Room’s in our local Strangford & Rowallane House Catering in Saintfield. These locations along with others are now stocking our “120ml Spoon in Lid” variant that allow family’s to enjoy the great outdoors and a little pot off Glastry Farm safely in some off the most beautiful surrounding’s Northern Ireland has to offer.

Our 120ml “Spoon in Lid” Variation

We would like to take the opportunity to thank these individual National Trust Park’s for supporting there local supplier of artisan Ice cream and Vegan Sorbet and would like to invite the public to continue to visit there local beauty spot’s and enjoy our little Glastry Farm Ice cream pot’s with the family in such beautiful and safe environment’s. This of course is all thanks to the hard work and contribution’s made by local people to maintain our cultural heritage and beauty spot’s for the enjoyment off generations off people to come.